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Words and Woodland Photography

18 Apr

This afternoon I went to the woods for a walk with the dog, as it was a bright sunny day I had intended to take my camera with me but I forgot it! Instead I collected leaves, bark and sticks to photograph at home. I even found a rusted bottle top, some pieces of sandstone and a few Celandines. Once home I went out to my studio with a stack of newspapers, magazines and leaflets to use as backgrounds for the photographs. Half an hour later I had roughly 100 images! Here are some of my favourites.

IMG_4187 IMG_4208 IMG_4216 IMG_4223 IMG_4241 IMG_4262 IMG_4265 IMG_4272 IMG_4279 IMG_4290 IMG_4297 IMG_4304



A Little Update

21 Mar

It is fair to say that recently my blog has not been updated even half as often as I would like; unfortunately this is due to my ever-increasing workload and approaching deadlines at university. However in the coming months this will change and I will definitely be posting more information about my degree show project alongside photographs of my design work and final knitted accessories. For now here are some images of my work taken at the ‘Work in Progress Exhibition’ in the Bradshaw Art Space at Duncan of Jordanstone College or Art and Design in Dundee last December (which I mentioned in an earlier post). Within the gallery I presented twelve still-life photographs, which combine mechanical and natural elements. The images are representative of the twelve months of the year and are segregated in to four seasonal colour schemes. In addition, I displayed four seasonal still life pieces and four cutout and collage sketchbooks, images of which are shown below.

Mechanical and Organic (Fruit & Vegetable) Photography

7 Jan

Before the light began to fade yesterday afternoon I set about taking some photographs that combined fruit and vegetables with mechanical parts, an idea that I discussed in a post earlier this week. The outcome was unfortunately not as good as I hoped it would be. I have 10-15 reasonable images but I feel a lot of improvement can be made; as a result I will be carrying out attempt 2 soon! I experimented with mushrooms, potatoes, radish, plum tomatoes and cucumber. I particularly liked using the cucumber and radish as both vegetables have a vibrant skin and translucent inner flesh, perfect for layering. Below are some of the images I have taken so far, but I certainly hope to improve upon these next week. I think I need to be more inventive in terms of how I prepare the fruit or vegetable and I also need to think more carefully about the background of the photograph.

Inspirational Images by Andrea Bricco

4 Jan

After having received some positive feedback and quite a lot of interest regarding some of my photographs which combine mechanical and natural elements (a small selection of which are visible here or via Flickr) I have began thinking about creating merchandise to display my images such as calendars and prints. These are products which I have been asked for, but obviously the range could be expanded further. I would also like to develop the idea and begin to produce a greater range of still life photographs. The idea I am considering at the moment is a still life collection which would again combine mechanical and natural elements, but this time I am interested in creating a range of images inspired by colour as opposed to the seasons. The natural component would be fruit and vegetables as opposed to berries, twigs, leaves and flowers which I have collected in order to create some of the previous images.

Another still life photography collection I am thinking about creating is inspired by the well-known game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and would bring together a range of different pebbles and stones, collage papers, perhaps origami or more structural elements and metal components-representative of the scissors.

Whilst carrying out some research on the subject of still life photography and particularly images that incorporate fruit and vegetables I came across these fantastic pieces photographed by Andrea Bricco and styled by Casa de perrin.  Below are some images that I find particularly inspirational.

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