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Designing and Making

23 Jan

Although I work full time for an international fashion retailer I don’t really find my job to be that creative and love to spend time in my studio designing, sewing, sticking, painting and drawing. I also attend an evening dressmaking and tailoring course where I am currently attempting to make a very bold, colourful skirt complete with pockets, pleats and a zip fastening. Although it is not 100% perfect I am very happy with my progress so far and I will post a photograph of the completed item in a few weeks, I hope!

Having recently seen a rag rug be used on the ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’, a great show on BBC2, I have been reminded about the owl rag rug I have eventually completed! I found the process to be very time consuming but I do have plans to make another rug and have been busy collecting scraps of fabric and old clothes. This time the rug will be floral or patterned.

Below are some images of my completed rag rug. The images display both the reverse and front of the piece.

IMG_4747 IMG_4741 IMG_4739 IMG_4738 IMG_4737


Rag Rug Development

10 Feb

I have been making some progress with my rag rug although there are still a few more hours of work to go before this piece is complete. To create this piece I have used an incredible amount of fabric including everything from sheets, blankets and shirts to tablecloths and curtains. I particularly enjoy working with printed fabrics and those embellished with embroidery and sequins. The images below show both the front and reverse of the rag rug.ImageImageImage ImageImage

Rag Rug Course

3 Feb

For a period of 10 weeks I attended a weekly ‘Rag Rug’ class. During the first few weeks we were taught numerous techniques such as hooky and proddy, braiding and standing wool. We began by trying out techniques on a small sample piece of hessian shown below.



ImageAfter this we moved on to developing our own pieces. Some students made rugs whilst others made cushions and decorative wall pieces. I decided to create a 60cm square piece, which will either be a rug or a cushion for my new studio.

Unfortunately I did not complete my final piece in the allotted time period due to work commitments. However, I have now sourced some rag rug tools and my dad kindly made me a frame so I am currently working on completing the piece in the evenings. Below are some images showing my progress to date, but keep checking back to see the completed piece!


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