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Riviera Maya – Mexico

18 Apr

The following photographs concentrate on the beautiful scenery I saw whilst in Mexico. The Mayan ruins were photographed at Tulum and Coba. The photographs of the lagoons and cenotes are at Xel-ha and the Mayan home, which I photographed, was in a very small village, which we passed on our return journey to the hotel. The house was very basic, made entirely from wood with a hammock for sleeping; a fire for cooking and some hens in the yard for eggs and meat. I noticed they did have one light bulb and a hose hanging in a small shack at the back of the house so I imagine they did have access to running water and electricity. A small area at the front of the house sold handmade items to tourist, coconuts and homemade bread were also offered.

Xel-ha Tulum Tulum Tulum Coba Coba Coba Mayan Village Mayan Village Mayan Village Xel-ha Xel-ha


Riviera Maya – Mexico – Flora and Fauna

18 Apr

Xcarat is a large park which we visited during our time in Mexico. At Xcarat there is boating, river swimming, snorkeling, an orchid house, a mushroom farm, an aquarium and a number of animal enclosures. There is also a lot of natural jungle. Below are some of the photographs I took, I particularly focused on the flora and fauna.

Mexican Wildlife Parrot Iguana Sting Ray Crocodile Giant Turtle Orchid Orchid Butterfly Butterfly

Riviera Maya – Mexico – Textiles and Ceramics

18 Apr

I have recently returned from a fantastic 2-week holiday in Mexico where I visited Tulum and Coba, a traditional Mayan village, Xcarat and Xel-ha. The scenery, flora and fauna were very different to anywhere else I have previously visited. I found Mexico to be very vibrant as can be seen in my photographs. I have grouped my photographs in to three different posts.

Below are images, which show the colourful Mexican textiles and ceramics that I came across. I love the traditional, vivid, striped woven fabrics produced in Mexico and I even bought a rug for my sister, if only they weren’t so heavy I would have brought one home for myself! I did a lot of natural dyeing last summer and was interested to see natural dyeing taking place in Mexico. The ceramics shown below are entirely hand made and painted.

In terms of the costumes I have photographed these were worn for re-enactment purposes and for evening shows but they were beautiful, intricate and supposedly very similar to the costumes that were worn hundreds of years ago.

Traditional Mexican Costume Woven Mexican Textiles Natural Dyes Mexico Mexican Costume Mexican Costume Colourful Mexican Ceramics

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