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Inspirational Images by Andrea Bricco

4 Jan

After having received some positive feedback and quite a lot of interest regarding some of my photographs which combine mechanical and natural elements (a small selection of which are visible here or via Flickr) I have began thinking about creating merchandise to display my images such as calendars and prints. These are products which I have been asked for, but obviously the range could be expanded further. I would also like to develop the idea and begin to produce a greater range of still life photographs. The idea I am considering at the moment is a still life collection which would again combine mechanical and natural elements, but this time I am interested in creating a range of images inspired by colour as opposed to the seasons. The natural component would be fruit and vegetables as opposed to berries, twigs, leaves and flowers which I have collected in order to create some of the previous images.

Another still life photography collection I am thinking about creating is inspired by the well-known game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and would bring together a range of different pebbles and stones, collage papers, perhaps origami or more structural elements and metal components-representative of the scissors.

Whilst carrying out some research on the subject of still life photography and particularly images that incorporate fruit and vegetables I came across these fantastic pieces photographed by Andrea Bricco and styled by Casa de perrin.  Below are some images that I find particularly inspirational.

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