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Riviera Maya – Mexico

18 Apr

The following photographs concentrate on the beautiful scenery I saw whilst in Mexico. The Mayan ruins were photographed at Tulum and Coba. The photographs of the lagoons and cenotes are at Xel-ha and the Mayan home, which I photographed, was in a very small village, which we passed on our return journey to the hotel. The house was very basic, made entirely from wood with a hammock for sleeping; a fire for cooking and some hens in the yard for eggs and meat. I noticed they did have one light bulb and a hose hanging in a small shack at the back of the house so I imagine they did have access to running water and electricity. A small area at the front of the house sold handmade items to tourist, coconuts and homemade bread were also offered.

Xel-ha Tulum Tulum Tulum Coba Coba Coba Mayan Village Mayan Village Mayan Village Xel-ha Xel-ha

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