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Jelte Van Abbema

10 Aug

Whilst carrying out some research based on environmentally conscious textile manufacturing techniques I came across the slightly bizarre but very interesting work of Dutch designer, Jelte Van Abbema. The project which I am interested in is entitled ‘Symbiosis’. The project involved printing simple typography using bacteria as opposed to traditional printing inks. The idea is that the bacteria multiply, changing colour and form as they do so, before dying creating a temporary yet ever-changing work of art. Below are some images of the experimental work created by Jelte Van Abbema.


Kate Moross

18 May

Below are some more colourful creations, this time they are by Kate Moross a London based artist and designer. Kate Moross has created designs for a whole range of clients, for numerous different outcomes such as clothing, magazines and window displays but I particularly like her typography pieces. Some of which are shown below:

Yulia Brodskaya

12 Mar

Incredible pieces by Yulia Brodskaya

Hand Drawn Typography

12 Mar

Below are some images of hand drawn typography, which I particularly like:

Below: Maxwell Lord

Below: Fiodor Sumkin

Below: Sonmi Sonmi

Below: Capitan Burrito

Below: Sarah A. King

Below: Pomme Chan


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