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The Sketchbook Project-Final Section

12 Feb

I have been unable to update my blog recently due to my laptop breaking! It is now up and running again so I can eventually get my blog updated.

I am very pleased to say that I did in fact get the sketchbook project finished before the deadline! I am pleased with what I managed to produce in the time available. Here are some images of the final part of my sketchbook:

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The Sketchbook Project-Update

10 Jan

Below are some more of the pages I have been creating for The Sketchbook Project:

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I think the pages are quite varied in their content. I haven’t decided if this is a good or a bad thing but I am definitely a lot happier with some pages than I am with others. I am quite enjoying the project, as it is nice to have time to create with no guidelines or specifications however, in a way this does make the project a little more difficult as every decision is up to me. I am also struggling to work with the lightweight paper as it crumples and disintegrates quite easily when painted, I should have rebound the book but this did not occur to me when starting.

I am almost half way through the book now. I am determined to get the sketchbook finished in time for the deadline, therefore it will be an early start again tomorrow!


The Sketchbook Project-Pages 2-8

29 Dec

When I can find time I am attempting to complete the Sketchbook Project in time for the deadline on January 15th. Here is a quick up date on where I am at the moment. After completing page 1 I decided to continue using collage, as this is something I enjoy and in fact don’t do a lot of. I am still working on some of the following pages but at least progress is being made, here are some annotated images:

Pattern and flowers, two themes often apparent in my work inspire Page 2 as shown below.





Page 3 is still a ‘work in progress’ page. So far I have used a range of papers including, newspaper and paper bags to create a background, I then worked on top using gouache and a dry brush to create a weathered/worn look. Not quite sure what else will go on this page yet…



Page 4 is simply a paper background which I intend to work on, I think the background looks quite similar to leather but it is in fact just an old gift bag torn down to size and glued in place.













The next page has a sort of summery feel, perhaps not exactly what I was going for but I like it all the same.  I created the background for this piece using gouache, inks and linseed oil. I then added detail using cut papers and a fine liner.



Page 5 was partially inspired by the previous page, but also has a vintage look about it. I particularly like the teacup and deep pink flower set on a piece of gold foil, saved from a box of chocolates.



This page is a little dull in my opinion. I was thinking about gold and unusual Christmas baubles. Perhaps it needs a little more work.













The last page I have been working on is inspired by the white Christmas I had this year. This page was created using collage with the exception of the tree (centre right) which is drawn using a black fine liner.

The Sketchbook Project-Page 1

22 Dec

I have had my black A5 moleskin sketchbook for ages but I have been so busy, I have only just got round to completing the first page, well I might add a little something to it yet but this is what I have so far:











The sketchbook theme as I mentioned in a previous post is ‘if you lived here’ so I decided to begin with a typically British red phone box as the sketchbook is an international project based in Brooklyn with over 28,000 artists from 94 countries. I was first inspired by the red phone box when I was at school and working on a project entitled ‘Windows and Doors’ below are some photographs of the work I still have from that project. The first piece was created using oil pastels. The second piece is made from layers of card cut in to specific shapes using a craft knife, I have also included two macro photographs showing more detail and the original photograph of the bank window which I worked from.





















I intend to fill the rest of this sketchbook (by the deadline on January 15th) with stitch, drawing, painting and more collage. I am thinking about creating pages inspired by sheep, teacups and teapots, cows, tractors, sunsets, lakes, red-letter boxes and beautiful scenery-all things that remind me of home.

The Sketchbook Project 2011

27 Jul

Browsing design blogs has become a habit of mine, I think it is a fantastic source of inspiration! Tonight I stumbled across a link to ‘The Sketchbook Project’ which i have just signed up for.

The idea is that thousands of people from across the world register for a sketchbook, complete their sketchbook based on one of the chosen themes and then return the sketchbook. The sketchbooks tour America and then become part of a permanent library collection. For a small fee your work can also be digitized. Sounds like fun to me!

I have chosen the theme ‘If you lived here…’ and i am eager to get started. When my book does arrive I will update my blog to let you know how i am getting along.

Why don’t you get involved?!

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

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