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Experimental Knitting

15 Feb

Today I had an hour to spare so I decided to make up a quick sample on my knitting machine. As a result of the rag rug class I attended before Christmas I have been thinking about ways in which to avoid or reduce material waste. I decided to experiment with weaving some scraps from my felt making and embroidery classes in to a plain dark grey knitted sample. I used small pieces of felt tops, embroidery threads and lengths of wool, which I dyed last year with natural dyes (such as golden rod and nettle). I thoroughly enjoyed creating this sample and plan to create a few more experimental pieces in the coming weeks so keep checking back for updates or follow my blog! Below are some images of the sample.

IMAG0955 IMAG0958 IMAG0959


Rag Rug Development

10 Feb

I have been making some progress with my rag rug although there are still a few more hours of work to go before this piece is complete. To create this piece I have used an incredible amount of fabric including everything from sheets, blankets and shirts to tablecloths and curtains. I particularly enjoy working with printed fabrics and those embellished with embroidery and sequins. The images below show both the front and reverse of the rag rug.ImageImageImage ImageImage

Tom Hardwidge

9 Jan

‘Arthrobots’… what an unusual find! These mechanical insects otherwise know as ‘Arthrobots’ are created by Tom Hardwidge. The pieces are made from deactivated ammunition, pocket watch parts (similar to those I have collected for my own project), a range of metals and tiny nuts and bolts. I decided to write this post as the sculptures are not only intricate and interesting to look at, but my current project is also inspired by a combination of mechanical and organic elements.


Greetje van Tiem

8 Jul

Greetje van Tiem creates recycled yarn from old newspapers. The yarn is then used to create seating, floor coverings and curtains. A newspaper page can be transformed in to 20m of yarn, small areas of text and colours from the newspaper are visible adding interest to each piece and obviously causing each piece to be unique.


Yuken Teruya

5 Mar

Japanese artist Yuken Teruya creates these beautiful cutout trees from paper bags and toilet rolls.

The first 3 images shown below are from the project entitled ‘Rain Forest’. Yuken Teruya turns an everyday waste item in to something attractive.














The second project I particularly like is called ‘Notice-Forest’ the paper cut trees end up on the inside of the paper bag, holding the bag open. The creations are intricate, beautiful and unusual.














For more information about Yuken Teruya please follow this link:

Interesting Wallpaper

14 Feb

The images below show wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek. I particularly like the wallpaper as it has a recycled theme. Finding the right setting for such bold imagery however could be difficult. For further information regarding Piet Hein Eek follow this link:















Tears Off by ZNAK (shown below) is in my opinion a fun, inventive take on wallpaper which can be customized. I think it is a brilliant idea. I particularly like the first image, which shows a child’s painting on a white wall being transformed in to an interesting unique piece of art.

RSA Project-Samantha Dylan Mitchell, Yarn Drawing & Photography

10 Jan

For the RSA project I have been inspired to look at the structure and pattern of recycled materials. I first began drawing and photographing well worn, torn and frayed jeans that I have salvaged the zips and pockets from (I will upload some photographs of my sketchbook drawings at a later date). I then moved on to looking at recycled balls of yarn. I came across the work of Samantha Dylan Mitchell who has created some very detailed drawings of yarn. Here is a link to her website and below are some images of her work:

















The above pieces by Sarah Dylan Mitchell must of taken a lot of time and patience to complete and I do like the outcome, however I decided to take a different approach and create a piece using the yarn as a painting tool. I wound a short length of yarn around a paintbrush and secured it with a knot at one end as shown below.

I then dipped the end of the paintbrush with the yarn attached in to a pot of water and then in to some gouache paint. I swirled the yarn across the page with my inspiration coming the ball of yarn in front of me. I continued this process, reloading the yarn with paint as I moved. I also tried dipping the yarn in some black ink, the outcome of which I was quite happy with. After much experimentation I decided I better stop before my page became too over worked. Next I had a quick cup of tea and waited for the paint to dry. I then worked on top of the piece with a blue fine liner and a pencil adding and highlighting small details.

I will add some more images in the next few days but here is a sneak peak of a close up section of the piece I created:









Before washing my palette I noticed small bubbles had formed in the water and so I took a few Macro shots as i had my camera to hand, some of them turned out not too bad:
















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