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Olu Deniz, Turkey

21 Jan

Whilst visiting Olu Deniz we decided to paraglide from a height of roughly 2000m from Babadag Mountain. The experience was fantastic and the views were phenomenal.

Olu Deniz, TurkeyOlu Deniz, Turkey Olu Deniz, Turkey Olu Deniz, Turkey Olu Deniz, Turkey


Words and Woodland Photography

18 Apr

This afternoon I went to the woods for a walk with the dog, as it was a bright sunny day I had intended to take my camera with me but I forgot it! Instead I collected leaves, bark and sticks to photograph at home. I even found a rusted bottle top, some pieces of sandstone and a few Celandines. Once home I went out to my studio with a stack of newspapers, magazines and leaflets to use as backgrounds for the photographs. Half an hour later I had roughly 100 images! Here are some of my favourites.

IMG_4187 IMG_4208 IMG_4216 IMG_4223 IMG_4241 IMG_4262 IMG_4265 IMG_4272 IMG_4279 IMG_4290 IMG_4297 IMG_4304


Pooley Bridge, Ullswater

4 Feb

Only a short drive from home is Pooley Bridge, a small village on the edge of Ullswater. A few weeks ago I walked from Pooley Bridge along the lakeside path towards Howtown with our dog Pip, taking photographs along the way. There was a slight covering of snow on the ground and it was a cold but bright day, below are some of the images I took.

Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January

Richmond, Yorkshire

31 Aug

Today we decided to go on a family day out before my younger sister returns to university on Monday. We went to Richmond, a very pretty town in Yorkshire. First we walked around the town and castle, stopping for a nice cup of tea. We then enjoyed an afternoon in the sunshine having a picnic beside the river. I took a few photographs but hope to return to the town in the future, perhaps on a Sunday, which is when they hold craft fairs.

Ullswater in Summer

31 Aug

A few weeks ago we did get a glimpse of summer so I spent day at the lake with some friends. We played golf, had a picnic lunch and hired a rowing boat to explore some of the islands on Derwentwater. Below are some images from our day out.

Rhodes Old Town

8 Jun

I also travelled to the old town of Rhodes, shown below. The old town is well worth a visit with charming, winding alley ways, beautiful architecture and bustling shops and cafés.

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8 Jun

Whilst in Rhodes I travelled to the island of Symi and visited a particularly colourful and very beautiful town as well as a famous monastery.

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