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Catherine Hammerton

8 Jul

I first came across Catherine Hammerton’s customized, bespoke wall coverings whilst carrying out research for my dissertation. Featured in the particular book I was reading entitled ‘Green Design’ was some beautiful wallpaper created, by Catherine Hammerton, using a range of recycled materials such as vintage lace and envelopes. Catherine Hammerton also creates intricate 3-dimensional wallpaper, colourful, quirky soft furnishings and other home accessories.


Yulia Brodskaya

12 Mar

Incredible pieces by Yulia Brodskaya

Su Blackwell

12 Mar

Below are some of the beautiful book sculptures created by Su Blackwell. To see more of Su Blackwell’s work please have a look at her website:

Julia Feld

6 Mar

I have come across carved books a couple of times now and I do think they are incredible. Julia Feld a scientist and an artist created the pieces shown below from old textbooks.
























For more information please have a look at her blog:

Yuken Teruya

5 Mar

Japanese artist Yuken Teruya creates these beautiful cutout trees from paper bags and toilet rolls.

The first 3 images shown below are from the project entitled ‘Rain Forest’. Yuken Teruya turns an everyday waste item in to something attractive.














The second project I particularly like is called ‘Notice-Forest’ the paper cut trees end up on the inside of the paper bag, holding the bag open. The creations are intricate, beautiful and unusual.














For more information about Yuken Teruya please follow this link:

The Sketchbook Project-Page 1

22 Dec

I have had my black A5 moleskin sketchbook for ages but I have been so busy, I have only just got round to completing the first page, well I might add a little something to it yet but this is what I have so far:











The sketchbook theme as I mentioned in a previous post is ‘if you lived here’ so I decided to begin with a typically British red phone box as the sketchbook is an international project based in Brooklyn with over 28,000 artists from 94 countries. I was first inspired by the red phone box when I was at school and working on a project entitled ‘Windows and Doors’ below are some photographs of the work I still have from that project. The first piece was created using oil pastels. The second piece is made from layers of card cut in to specific shapes using a craft knife, I have also included two macro photographs showing more detail and the original photograph of the bank window which I worked from.





















I intend to fill the rest of this sketchbook (by the deadline on January 15th) with stitch, drawing, painting and more collage. I am thinking about creating pages inspired by sheep, teacups and teapots, cows, tractors, sunsets, lakes, red-letter boxes and beautiful scenery-all things that remind me of home.

Rob Ryan

10 Oct

Whilst generally browsing online I have just come across the amazing paper cut creations of Rob Ryan. This paper cut dress commissioned by Vogue is so intricate and beautiful! I would love to own a dress which looked this fabulous.


For more of his work here is a link to his website:

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