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Sandra Backlund

18 Jul

I have once again been looking at the  incredible work of knit designer Sandra Backlund and thought I would share some images of my favourites pieces.



Knitted Jewellery

20 Mar

Below are some pieces of inspirational jewellery, the first is a laser cut felt wool necklace.














The following pieces are by Elinor Voytal

I love this necklace by Munted Kowhai.

Victoria Jackman

20 Mar

Below are some images of machine knit, which has been hand, manipulated by Victoria Jackman to create these beautiful pieces.

Phuong Thuy Nguyen

20 Mar


Below are some  images of the hand knitted ‘Unconventional Body Objects’ by Phuong Thuy Nguyen.


Inspirational Lighting and Furniture

20 Feb

The first item that caught my attention is this unusual Clothes Hanger Lamp by Hector Serrano featured on an interesting website with many new and exciting approaches to lighting, furniture and wearables for example.

Below are some images of the beautiful mismatched drawers by Entwurf Direkt. For more images have a look at the website:














Another company creating mismatched drawers and contemporary furniture:









Some more great ideas:













Claire Anne OBrien:

These knitted stools are quirky and contemporary.








I also really like this knitted wool chair:

Julie Eilenberger

13 Feb

Some amazing pieces by Julie Eilenberger.



5 Fabulous Finds

7 Jan

Below is some information about 5 artists/designers that I think are interesting and definitely worth a look at. I have also included some images of their work and links to their websites.

Lisa Kellner

I first came across the work of Lisa Kellner when I was carrying out some self-motivated research in to heat set fabrics and unusual sculptures. Lisa Kellner lists decay, erosion and disease as inspiration for her work, which in my opinion is rather unusual, but also very interesting.















Sandra Backlund

I think the knitted creations of Sandra Backlund are original, contemporary and unique despite her use of traditional techniques. Much of her sculptural knit distorts the natural silhouette of the human body.











Claire Coles

Claire Coles designs a whole range of beautiful products from bespoke embroidered wallpapers to gift cards, mugs and pictures. Flora and fauna seem to greatly inspire her creations.





















Nora Fok

Nora Fok creates fascinating jewellery using nylon-fishing line. The structures she creates are delicate and very intricate. I particularly like her head and neckpieces that can be viewed on her website:












Jonas Samson

The creation by Jonas Samson that captured my attention is light emitting wallpaper, which I only discovered recently when researching responsive and smart materials for my dissertation proposal. Not only could the wallpaper be a fun alternative to a lamp but it could also be seen as an eye catching contemporary piece of art. It could also save a lot of energy if solar powered technology could be incorporated!

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