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It is actually almost here… Degree Show 2012!

30 Apr

I am currently working very long hours day in day out to get everything finished in time for  my assessment which is just over a week away! For more information about my upcoming degree show at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee please have a look at the following webpage:

Last week I had my first ever fashion photo shoot which I found quite challenging, as I normally capture still life compositions and take landscape photographs whilst walking in the Lake District. Below are a few photographs which show two of the pieces from my degree show collection.



8 Nov

Whilst researching laser cut jewellery I recently came across these incredible paper jewellery pieces from ‘Saloukee’ by Sarah Louise Kelly. Below are some images of her work.


Alessandra Rigillo

31 Oct

The pieces shown below are from Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining by Alessandra Rigillo. I came across her work whilst researching the concept of ‘old and new, traditional and contemporary’. On the homepage of her website there is a phrase I particularly like: ‘Pearls and Plumbing, Silk, Silver and Scrap’. This phrase sums up her work perfectly as a combination of elements are required to create these unique and interesting pieces.


31 Oct

Since beginning my  fourth year at university I have definitely been forgetting to update my blog, as a result I am going to make a conscious effort to blog at least weekly from now until Christmas. Keep checking back to find out how my work is progressing and what is inspiring me. I will be posting some more  photographs and images of my work soon! As I am currently thinking about creating a collection of knitted accessories for my degree show I have been looking at the work of a number of jewellers as well as fashion and knitwear designers. The following few posts will document the work of some designers and jewellers who create pieces which I feel are interesting and unusual.

The pieces shown below were created by jewellery designer Mercedes Mendez. The pieces are vibrant, tactile and eye-catching. Unfortunately I can’t find much information about the designer or a link to their website otherwise I would have included this information.

COSAfina Jewellery

18 May

I would really like one of these rings that are part of the ‘Raw Collection’ by COSAfina.

Knitted Jewellery

20 Mar

Below are some pieces of inspirational jewellery, the first is a laser cut felt wool necklace.














The following pieces are by Elinor Voytal

I love this necklace by Munted Kowhai.

5 Fabulous Finds

7 Jan

Below is some information about 5 artists/designers that I think are interesting and definitely worth a look at. I have also included some images of their work and links to their websites.

Lisa Kellner

I first came across the work of Lisa Kellner when I was carrying out some self-motivated research in to heat set fabrics and unusual sculptures. Lisa Kellner lists decay, erosion and disease as inspiration for her work, which in my opinion is rather unusual, but also very interesting.















Sandra Backlund

I think the knitted creations of Sandra Backlund are original, contemporary and unique despite her use of traditional techniques. Much of her sculptural knit distorts the natural silhouette of the human body.











Claire Coles

Claire Coles designs a whole range of beautiful products from bespoke embroidered wallpapers to gift cards, mugs and pictures. Flora and fauna seem to greatly inspire her creations.





















Nora Fok

Nora Fok creates fascinating jewellery using nylon-fishing line. The structures she creates are delicate and very intricate. I particularly like her head and neckpieces that can be viewed on her website:












Jonas Samson

The creation by Jonas Samson that captured my attention is light emitting wallpaper, which I only discovered recently when researching responsive and smart materials for my dissertation proposal. Not only could the wallpaper be a fun alternative to a lamp but it could also be seen as an eye catching contemporary piece of art. It could also save a lot of energy if solar powered technology could be incorporated!

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