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Jeremiah Goodman

9 Jan

I love reading magazines such as House to Home, Livingetc and Wallpaper and I am frequently browsing online blogs dreaming of how I will decorate my own home, that is when I am able to afford my own home! I could talk at length about patterns, accessories, furniture and lighting, in fact I think I will begin to post more about interior design, but for now I am going to share some fantastic interior paintings created by the renowned artist Jeremiah Goodman.


Catherine Hammerton

8 Jul

I first came across Catherine Hammerton’s customized, bespoke wall coverings whilst carrying out research for my dissertation. Featured in the particular book I was reading entitled ‘Green Design’ was some beautiful wallpaper created, by Catherine Hammerton, using a range of recycled materials such as vintage lace and envelopes. Catherine Hammerton also creates intricate 3-dimensional wallpaper, colourful, quirky soft furnishings and other home accessories.

Greetje van Tiem

8 Jul

Greetje van Tiem creates recycled yarn from old newspapers. The yarn is then used to create seating, floor coverings and curtains. A newspaper page can be transformed in to 20m of yarn, small areas of text and colours from the newspaper are visible adding interest to each piece and obviously causing each piece to be unique.


Debbie Smyth

22 May

Debbie Smyth is an artist who is successful due to an original idea. She is a textile artist who creates pieces by placing nails in a specific way to create an image or area of text, she then wraps threads around the nails to complete the piece.

Inspirational Lighting and Furniture

20 Feb

The first item that caught my attention is this unusual Clothes Hanger Lamp by Hector Serrano featured on an interesting website with many new and exciting approaches to lighting, furniture and wearables for example.

Below are some images of the beautiful mismatched drawers by Entwurf Direkt. For more images have a look at the website:














Another company creating mismatched drawers and contemporary furniture:









Some more great ideas:













Claire Anne OBrien:

These knitted stools are quirky and contemporary.








I also really like this knitted wool chair:

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