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Jeremiah Goodman

9 Jan

I love reading magazines such as House to Home, Livingetc and Wallpaper and I am frequently browsing online blogs dreaming of how I will decorate my own home, that is when I am able to afford my own home! I could talk at length about patterns, accessories, furniture and lighting, in fact I think I will begin to post more about interior design, but for now I am going to share some fantastic interior paintings created by the renowned artist Jeremiah Goodman.


Alexis Anne Mackenzie

5 Jan

The next few posts will show the work of artists, designers and creatives who I have discovered over the past few weeks. As collage is an area in which I am interested and a method that I use regularly to create designs within my sketchbook, I have previously blogged about the work of other collage artists but the subject area is very diverse. I find the work of Alexis Anne Mackenzie, particularly interesting and unusual. This is because the elements combined within the pieces (shown below) not only form subtle lettering but initially appear to portray beautiful organic images or patterns, this is until you realise there are ‘dark’ or ‘ugly’ elements such as eyeballs used within the pieces.

Beth Hoeckel

14 Jul

Below are some mixed media pieces, painting and drawings, which I particularly like by Beth Hoeckel.

Jen Mann

25 Jun

Below are some interesting pieces by Jen Mann a Canadian artist. I particularly like the subject matter as well as the composition of her work. The pieces are intriguing and the colours used within the following pieces are beautiful.

Cecilia Lundgren

22 May

Below are some nice pieces by Swedish artist Cecilia Lundgren

My Dead Pony

18 May

I love these illustrations by Raphaël the illustrator behind ‘My Dead Pony’. Raphaël is a Belgian artist who uses a range of mediums to create these intriguing pieces.

Kate Moross

18 May

Below are some more colourful creations, this time they are by Kate Moross a London based artist and designer. Kate Moross has created designs for a whole range of clients, for numerous different outcomes such as clothing, magazines and window displays but I particularly like her typography pieces. Some of which are shown below:

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