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It is all about presentation!

3 Jan

As I have recently put together some pieces of work for an exhibition I have been thinking about innovative and interesting ways in which textile accessories can be displayed without detracting the viewers attention. Below is an example I came across on ‘Trendland’. These images taken by Carl Kleiner are of pieces by Minimarket, a Swedish brand. I think the subtle props suggest the pieces are perhaps made from natural materials or inspired by nature, in my opinion the props allow the accessories to be displayed in a simple yet effective manner.


Nighkee by Phoks

12 Mar

I mentioned fashion illustrations created by Phoks in an earlier post but I also like these imaginative digital media pieces from the Nighkee Series featured below. For more information and to see the rest of the Nighkee Series please have a look at:

Earthkeepers footwear collection by Timberland

3 Nov

Left:  Timberland Earthkeepers Boots

Further to my last post i have been thinking about the choices designers make and how they can ensure their product is sustainable, environmentally friendly and produced following Fair Trade guidelines for example.

Whilst flicking through an old copy of Glamour magazine (July 2010) to source some images for collage and mixed media pieces I came across an article about the Earthkeepers collection by Timberland. Timberland is a well-known brand but I did not realise that the environmental implications of creating a Timberland footwear collection has been considered.

About the Earthkeepers collection:

  • The leather for the shoes is obtained from responsibly managed tanneries, this is based on energy use, waste production and water treatment. (This perhaps does not take in to consideration suitable working conditions and a reasonable level of pay?)
  • The detail on the shoes is added with organic cotton and raffia.
  • Recycled plastic bottles are used to create the linings of the shoes.
  • The ‘Greenside Sandals’ can be recycled to make new sandals.
  • ‘Belicia Ring Ankle Sandals’ are made from 42% recycled tyres.

To have a look at the collection please follow this link:,default,sc.html

Terrible Design

28 Jul

I ordered some bight yellow Fly London sandals from Amazon only a couple of days ago, as they are quite quirky and something a little bit different for my holiday or so i thought. After eagerly unwrapping them today and trying them on I was quickly disappointed. The shoes are ridiculous! Even when i adjusted the straps as much as possible my foot slides that far forward in the sandal that my toes are all on the floor when i walk. This is not because the shoes themselves are too big for my feet, the foot bed in fact is the correct size but the straps are all the wrong size and do nothing to hold my foot in place.

I have since contacted Fly London and hope they will attempt to resolve the problem as at the moment theses shoes may be aesthetically pleasing, but they are completely useless.

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