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Felt Making and Embroidery

23 Jan

I like the random patterns and effects that can be created by incorporating different fabrics and fibres in to the wool when felting. These pieces began as a random jumble of colours which when felted began to look quite pretty and almost like a mystical garden. I hand and machine embellished the pieces adding flowers, leaves and butterflies.

Felt Making IMG_4767 IMG_4758I am pleased with the pieces but certainly feel I have a lot more to learn.

Click here to  have a look at a wonderful blog, which I came across recently where you can find numerous great examples of felt making.



Riviera Maya – Mexico – Textiles and Ceramics

18 Apr

I have recently returned from a fantastic 2-week holiday in Mexico where I visited Tulum and Coba, a traditional Mayan village, Xcarat and Xel-ha. The scenery, flora and fauna were very different to anywhere else I have previously visited. I found Mexico to be very vibrant as can be seen in my photographs. I have grouped my photographs in to three different posts.

Below are images, which show the colourful Mexican textiles and ceramics that I came across. I love the traditional, vivid, striped woven fabrics produced in Mexico and I even bought a rug for my sister, if only they weren’t so heavy I would have brought one home for myself! I did a lot of natural dyeing last summer and was interested to see natural dyeing taking place in Mexico. The ceramics shown below are entirely hand made and painted.

In terms of the costumes I have photographed these were worn for re-enactment purposes and for evening shows but they were beautiful, intricate and supposedly very similar to the costumes that were worn hundreds of years ago.

Traditional Mexican Costume Woven Mexican Textiles Natural Dyes Mexico Mexican Costume Mexican Costume Colourful Mexican Ceramics

Experimental Knitting

15 Feb

Today I had an hour to spare so I decided to make up a quick sample on my knitting machine. As a result of the rag rug class I attended before Christmas I have been thinking about ways in which to avoid or reduce material waste. I decided to experiment with weaving some scraps from my felt making and embroidery classes in to a plain dark grey knitted sample. I used small pieces of felt tops, embroidery threads and lengths of wool, which I dyed last year with natural dyes (such as golden rod and nettle). I thoroughly enjoyed creating this sample and plan to create a few more experimental pieces in the coming weeks so keep checking back for updates or follow my blog! Below are some images of the sample.

IMAG0955 IMAG0958 IMAG0959

Beth Hoeckel

14 Jul

Below are some mixed media pieces, painting and drawings, which I particularly like by Beth Hoeckel.

Debbie Smyth

22 May

Debbie Smyth is an artist who is successful due to an original idea. She is a textile artist who creates pieces by placing nails in a specific way to create an image or area of text, she then wraps threads around the nails to complete the piece.

Lauren DiCioccio

18 May

The following stitch and collage pieces are created by  Lauren DiCioccio. Using common everyday items such as newspapers, magazines and writing pads as a starting point for her work she adds interest and detail using stitch.

Embroidered Newspaper

Tilleke Schwarz

18 May

Below are some stitched pieces I particularly like. They were created by Tilleke Schwarz an artist  from the Netherlands. The composition of the pieces are interesting I also like the use of colour and the amount of detail incorporated within each piece. For more images please have a look at the website:

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