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Jennifer Collier

4 Jul

Jennifer Collier is an artist who uses natural and found materials to create garments and accessories. Her pieces are non-functional but aim to raise the awareness of recycling and encourage people to think about the value of nature.



Lauren DiCioccio

18 May

The following stitch and collage pieces are created by  Lauren DiCioccio. Using common everyday items such as newspapers, magazines and writing pads as a starting point for her work she adds interest and detail using stitch.

Embroidered Newspaper

Tilleke Schwarz

18 May

Below are some stitched pieces I particularly like. They were created by Tilleke Schwarz an artist  from the Netherlands. The composition of the pieces are interesting I also like the use of colour and the amount of detail incorporated within each piece. For more images please have a look at the website:

Michelle Thompson

10 Apr

I like to create collages from a range of found materials. Often my collage pieces are inspired by nature or beautiful landscapes, which I eventually translate in to knitted samples.

The quirky pieces shown below are by illustrator Michelle Thompson. Her work is inspirational as it is not only very interesting but also quite different to the style in which I tend to work. Some of her work is shown below. To find out more about Michelle Thompson please click here.

Lora Zombie

8 Apr

Splashy paint and drip marks are aspects, which have featured quite heavily in some of my more recent design work. I will post some photographs of my sketchbook once I have got a bit more done, but for now here are some interesting pieces by Lora Zombie using some similar techniques. My favourite piece is shown directly below.











































Derek Gores

20 Mar

Derek Gores creates these amazing collages, I love the colour and compositions of the following pieces.

Priscilla Jones

20 Mar

Below are some fun stitched collage pieces by Priscilla Jones.

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