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Jelte Van Abbema

10 Aug

Whilst carrying out some research based on environmentally conscious textile manufacturing techniques I came across the slightly bizarre but very interesting work of Dutch designer, Jelte Van Abbema. The project which I am interested in is entitled ‘Symbiosis’. The project involved printing simple typography using bacteria as opposed to traditional printing inks. The idea is that the bacteria multiply, changing colour and form as they do so, before dying creating a temporary yet ever-changing work of art. Below are some images of the experimental work created by Jelte Van Abbema.


Cineworld and Coca-Cola Advertisements

19 Feb

I went to the cinema tonight to see The King’s Speech, which I thoroughly enjoyed however I personally preferred Black Swan and would definitely recommend it.

Whilst at the cinema this advert for Cineworld caught my attention: 

I love the use of colour and general style of this advert.

I also really like the new Coca-Cola Open Happiness advert: 

Unusual Advertising

3 Oct

In a recent lecture, the topic of branding was discussed. The lecture was interesting and definitely raised various opinions and points of view on the subject. Prior to the lecture I did not know that was the name of a place in Oregon. The town was bought and renamed in order to advertise the website which has since been bought by Ebay. Here is a link to an article about the town on Wired magazine website. I had also never heard of ‘Beach n Billboard’ this is where environmentally friendly advertisements are imprinted on to the sand. Here are some images and a link to the website


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