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Vibrant Patterned Scarf

16 Feb

In a post I wrote a few days ago I mentioned a scarf I made for my sister as a Christmas gift. The following photographs show the colours and patterns I incorporated within the piece.

ImageImageImageImage Image


Experimental Knitting

15 Feb

Today I had an hour to spare so I decided to make up a quick sample on my knitting machine. As a result of the rag rug class I attended before Christmas I have been thinking about ways in which to avoid or reduce material waste. I decided to experiment with weaving some scraps from my felt making and embroidery classes in to a plain dark grey knitted sample. I used small pieces of felt tops, embroidery threads and lengths of wool, which I dyed last year with natural dyes (such as golden rod and nettle). I thoroughly enjoyed creating this sample and plan to create a few more experimental pieces in the coming weeks so keep checking back for updates or follow my blog! Below are some images of the sample.

IMAG0955 IMAG0958 IMAG0959

Rag Rug Development

10 Feb

I have been making some progress with my rag rug although there are still a few more hours of work to go before this piece is complete. To create this piece I have used an incredible amount of fabric including everything from sheets, blankets and shirts to tablecloths and curtains. I particularly enjoy working with printed fabrics and those embellished with embroidery and sequins. The images below show both the front and reverse of the rag rug.ImageImageImage ImageImage


8 Feb

During the last few months I have found time to add a few bits and bobs to Pinterest which is a fantastic site I use not only as a source of inspiration but to store and post images. In particular I intend to use the site to store ideas for craft projects as well as images of inspirational interior and fashion design. To see what interests and inspires me, please have a look at my Pinterest page:

Pooley Bridge, Ullswater

4 Feb

Only a short drive from home is Pooley Bridge, a small village on the edge of Ullswater. A few weeks ago I walked from Pooley Bridge along the lakeside path towards Howtown with our dog Pip, taking photographs along the way. There was a slight covering of snow on the ground and it was a cold but bright day, below are some of the images I took.

Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January Ullswater in January

Rag Rug Course

3 Feb

For a period of 10 weeks I attended a weekly ‘Rag Rug’ class. During the first few weeks we were taught numerous techniques such as hooky and proddy, braiding and standing wool. We began by trying out techniques on a small sample piece of hessian shown below.



ImageAfter this we moved on to developing our own pieces. Some students made rugs whilst others made cushions and decorative wall pieces. I decided to create a 60cm square piece, which will either be a rug or a cushion for my new studio.

Unfortunately I did not complete my final piece in the allotted time period due to work commitments. However, I have now sourced some rag rug tools and my dad kindly made me a frame so I am currently working on completing the piece in the evenings. Below are some images showing my progress to date, but keep checking back to see the completed piece!


It’s been a while!

3 Feb

Today I realised that it has been 5 months since I last wrote a blog post! Following graduation time has flown past. When I last wrote a post I was awaiting the delivery of my garden studio, which has since arrived. It has been painted and decorated and I am just about settled in.

Just before Christmas I traveled to the outskirts of Darlington to collect some yarn for my knitting machine and to Edinburgh for a long weekend to celebrate my sisters 21st birthday. In recent months I have also completed two textile classes in Carlisle one of which was entitled ‘embroidery and textiles’ the other ‘rag rug making’, in addition to this I have began sampling and knitting a few things. The first and only piece I have completed since graduation is a colourful patterned scarf complete with tassels. I gave the scarf as a Christmas present to my sister but I hope to obtain some photographs of it soon to put on my blog!

In the coming weeks I hope to find time to begin blogging regularly once again, I intend to add photographs and explain a little more about the textile courses I have completed and what else I have been busy doing. Below is a photograph of my fantastic new garden studio. Unfortunately the image quality is rather poor as the photograph was taken quickly in fading light using my phone.


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