Happy New Year!

3 Jan

Now that it is January 2012 it is only 6 months until graduation, 5 months until my degree show and 2 weeks until I am back in the studio! Although I haven’t posted much over the last few months due to one reason or another I have been storing lots of bits and bobs, which have inspired me. I have also been documenting my studio work using photography on a regular basis and I will begin to add images to my blog as the degree show approaches.

At present some of my studio work is in a ‘Work in Progress Exhibition’ in the Bradshaw Art Space at Duncan of Jordanstone College or Art and Design in Dundee. Within the gallery I have presented 12 still-life photographs, which combine mechanical and natural elements. The images are representative of the 12 months of the year; these images are segregated in to 4 seasonal colour schemes. In addition, I have presented 4 seasonal still life pieces and 4 small, cutout and collage sketchbooks (images of which will be added at a later date).

Once I am back at university my attention will be focused upon translating my designs in to knitted accessories in time for the degree show, but before then I hope to document lots of inspirational artists and designers on my blog and perhaps give you a quick sneak peek at some of my most recent work!




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