2011-12 Studio Work

5 Nov

As promised here is an update regarding my studio work.

My degree show project is progressing quite well and at the moment I am reasonably happy. My concept and ideas are developing and I have even began thinking about colour schemes and the yarns which I am going to use to create my final collection. I don’t want to go in to too much detail about my project, but my work this year is inspired by  mechanical watch parts, time, nature and more recently the seasons which I think is going to greatly influence my final degree show. I intend to design and produce a range of knitted accessories, to do so I will use a variety of synthetic and natural yarns and the pieces will be created  using a range of traditional and contemporary techniques such as crochet and laser cutting.

I am particularly keen to combine metal components and laser cut leather pieces with my knitted samples. This is not only because metal and leather are materials which I am unfamiliar with and hence excited to experiment with, but also because the leather watch straps and metal parts have been a fantastic source of inspiration to date.

Below is a selection of images taken from my main sketchbook and two smaller sketchbooks I have been working on entitled ‘Inspired by Autumn’ and ‘Inspired by Spring’.

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