My Thoughts, Ideas and Inspiration

12 Oct

Last week I had the opportunity to present my  initial ideas and work so far to a group of students also studying design based courses at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. I used the slide show shown below and a verbal description to explain my work.  The images are a combination of my own photographs as well as inspirational images which I feel relate well to my own work but are for research purposes only.


As was discussed in the presentation my mind is currently full of many thoughts and ideas regarding my degree show next year. My exact intentions still need to be clarified but I have compiled a list of the key points which I discussed within the presentation.

  • Essentially I hope my degree show will encourage people to be more creative, curious and inquisitive.
  • My degree show will bring together old and new, man made and natural, traditional and contemporary. This will inspire my source imagery as well as the materials and techniques I use to create my final pieces.
  • I would like my final collection to highlight the range of materials, which can be used to create textiles.
  • I hope to encourage people to weigh up the pros and cons of traditional and contemporary materials, rather than to simply accept organic cotton is for example more sustainable than conventional cotton or natural dye is better than synthetic dye when this in not necessarily the case.
  • I hope to inspire more people to learn traditional crafts and to apply their skills in an inventive, contemporary and experimental manner. This is because many traditional techniques are being forgotten or replaced with modern technology.

Over the past few weeks I have thought long and hard about my options as a textile designer. I have considered what I hope to achieve not only this year but also in the future and as a result I think the outcome of my work this year is likely to be for fashion. But to be honest I think I would be equally happy to use my design skills to create pieces for fashion, interiors and most likely a number of other areas, all I hope for is an enjoyable, challenging and creative career!


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