Work Experience

13 Aug

Earlier this summer I went to Higham Hall, a residential adult education college situated in the Lake District (pictured above) for work experience.

I worked part-time over a 3-week period, this enabled me to experience all aspects of the business. I was involved with everything from assisting the chefs and waiting on in the dining room to answering the phone, taking bookings and designing a brochure. During the placement I was particularly surprised by how enjoyable I found working in an office environment and I was especially pleased when given the sole responsibility of creating a new brochure for the college.

However, the highlight of the placement was being given the opportunity to assist with some of the textile based classes. Teaching and encouraging others improved my self-confidence in terms of public speaking and enhanced my ability to communicate with others, as I was required to provide clear instructions and demonstrations. I was also taught, by one of the textile tutors, how to make felt jewellery as well as the basics of ‘Nuno’ felting which simply means to bond loose fibres with a sheer fabric. Since my placement I have produced some small pieces and experimented with a couple of different techniques some of which were inspired by my visit to ‘Woolfest’ which I discussed briefly in an earlier post ( Below are some images from my sketchbook that show examples of where I have incorporated felt pieces in my design work (please note more images are available via Flickr). I hand-dyed some of the felt using natural dyes obtained from sources such as tealeaves, nettles, onion peelings, turmeric and madder.


2 Responses to “Work Experience”

  1. Lynn holland August 13, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    Hi Samantha, your blog is good, and your pics. Have you heard of a Textile Artist called Val Hughes, she studied felting and went on to produce full length dresses based on the clothes of Anne Boleyn,one of Henry the eighths wives. I have a postcard ofmher work and can let you have it if you can’t find anything. Best wishes Lynn

    • Samantha Cleminson August 24, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

      Hi Lynn, thanks for your comments and suggestion, the work of Val Hughes sounds very interesting. I am going to have a quick look at her work now whilst I have access to the internet-my laptop is currently broken which is definitely making life difficult!

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