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Sandra Backlund

18 Jul

I have once again been looking at the  incredible work of knit designer Sandra Backlund and thought I would share some images of my favourites pieces.




18 Jul

Some fun creations by LucyandBart.


Simone Lourenco

18 Jul

I think it is easy to see from my blog that I admire the talent necessary to create paper cut works of art such as these pieces by Simone Lourenco. I have also included some images of inspirational 2-Dimensional pieces by Simone Lourenco.


Beth Hoeckel

14 Jul

Below are some mixed media pieces, painting and drawings, which I particularly like by Beth Hoeckel.

Jum Nakao

14 Jul

Below are some beautiful paper cut creations by Jum Nakao.




























Emma Van Leest

8 Jul

Below are some incredible pieces by Australian artist Emma Van Leest.

Catherine Hammerton

8 Jul

I first came across Catherine Hammerton’s customized, bespoke wall coverings whilst carrying out research for my dissertation. Featured in the particular book I was reading entitled ‘Green Design’ was some beautiful wallpaper created, by Catherine Hammerton, using a range of recycled materials such as vintage lace and envelopes. Catherine Hammerton also creates intricate 3-dimensional wallpaper, colourful, quirky soft furnishings and other home accessories.

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