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Cecilia Lundgren

22 May

Below are some nice pieces by Swedish artist Cecilia Lundgren


Debbie Smyth

22 May

Debbie Smyth is an artist who is successful due to an original idea. She is a textile artist who creates pieces by placing nails in a specific way to create an image or area of text, she then wraps threads around the nails to complete the piece.

Matthew Brandt

22 May

Matthew Brandt created these pieces by photographing lakes and reservoirs and then submersing the colour photographs in to the water shown in the photograph.

My Dead Pony

18 May

I love these illustrations by Raphaël the illustrator behind ‘My Dead Pony’. Raphaël is a Belgian artist who uses a range of mediums to create these intriguing pieces.

COSAfina Jewellery

18 May

I would really like one of these rings that are part of the ‘Raw Collection’ by COSAfina.

Kate Moross

18 May

Below are some more colourful creations, this time they are by Kate Moross a London based artist and designer. Kate Moross has created designs for a whole range of clients, for numerous different outcomes such as clothing, magazines and window displays but I particularly like her typography pieces. Some of which are shown below:

Lauren DiCioccio

18 May

The following stitch and collage pieces are created by  Lauren DiCioccio. Using common everyday items such as newspapers, magazines and writing pads as a starting point for her work she adds interest and detail using stitch.

Embroidered Newspaper

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