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Garden Macro Photographs

17 Apr

For once it was a lovely sunny day on my day off! I spent the morning making some cushions for the new garden bench with my mum and then in the afternoon I took a few photographs below are some of my favourites.


Christian Dior

16 Apr

I love this colourful haute couture fall 2010 collection by Christian Dior. A couple of print outs will be going in my sketchbook as inspiration for my current nature inspired self-motivated project. Below are some images from the collection.

Adara Sanchez

16 Apr

Below are a couple of pieces created by Adara Sanchez using pencil crayons and watercolours. To view more of her work please click here.

Inspirational Images

12 Apr

Below are some images, which have inspired my current self-motivated project.

The image below is of a piece by Martin Bergström.

The following piece has also been constructed from an assortment of leaves.

















The image shown below is of a piece which was on display at Chelsea Flower Show in 2009.

















Below is a stunning couture gown by Elie Saab.



















The image below is of  a piece by Luly Yang.














The intriguing dress below is entirely edible:

Below is another edible piece, this dress is in fact made out of tomatoes!

Self-Motivated Project Development

12 Apr

Having grown up on the edge of the Lake District National Park my work has often been heavily influenced by nature. In the past I have been inspired not only by the beautiful mountains and lakes close to home but also by flower shows, trips to botanic gardens and natural forms I have come across whilst traveling. The starting point for the research that I will continue over the following weeks is vertical gardening, which I first  came across in 2008 when it was featured at the Chelsea Flower show. I have been looking at the work of Patrick Blanc creator of the vertical garden. His inspirations range from vegetal architecture to waterfalls, root systems, flowers, fruits and seeds. Some of the stunning work by Patrick Blanc is visible below.

I intend to obtain visual information for my self-motivated project through source drawing and photography. I will investigate the structure of flowers and leaves using macro photography, I will also look at trailing and climbing plants, which are frequently used to cover vertical surfaces. I am also interested in how plant life covers the surface of ponds.

In recent weeks I have been to the botanic gardens in Dundee where I collected a vast array of photographs I have also began experimenting with scale, creating drawings roughly 2m x 0.5m in size. In the coming weeks I will further develop pieces using collage and stitch, as this is something I have enjoyed exploring in some of my more recent projects at university. During the Easter break I intend to continue gathering visual information by visiting The Alnwick Garden and perhaps some other gardens close to home.

I intend the outcome of this research to be for fashion. At the moment I will concentrate on collecting a body of visual research, primarily within a sketchbook. If I decide to develop the project further I would look at sculptural garments, layering various fabrics and combining a range of different elements or techniques. I would also hope to incorporate my love of vibrant, bold colour, intricate pattern and plentiful surface detail and texture.

Sandra Suy

12 Apr

Below are some simple yet beautiful illustrations by Sandra Suy, who I actually came across in a magazine a couple of months ago. I scribbled down her name in the back of my notebook and I have only just found time to have a further look at some of her work.

Michelle Thompson

10 Apr

I like to create collages from a range of found materials. Often my collage pieces are inspired by nature or beautiful landscapes, which I eventually translate in to knitted samples.

The quirky pieces shown below are by illustrator Michelle Thompson. Her work is inspirational as it is not only very interesting but also quite different to the style in which I tend to work. Some of her work is shown below. To find out more about Michelle Thompson please click here.

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