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BlanQ concept ‘Identity’-photography by Liang Su

23 Mar

The collection below is of unusual, eerie, captivating fashion photography. I think the concept behind the photography  is fantastic. The vivid colour leads the viewer in to the piece and the intertwining limbs and faces retains the viewers gaze.


Derek Gores

20 Mar

Derek Gores creates these amazing collages, I love the colour and compositions of the following pieces.

Knitted Jewellery

20 Mar

Below are some pieces of inspirational jewellery, the first is a laser cut felt wool necklace.














The following pieces are by Elinor Voytal

I love this necklace by Munted Kowhai.

Priscilla Jones

20 Mar

Below are some fun stitched collage pieces by Priscilla Jones.

Armen Rotch

20 Mar

Quirky tea bag art by Armen Rotch:


Victoria Jackman

20 Mar

Below are some images of machine knit, which has been hand, manipulated by Victoria Jackman to create these beautiful pieces.

Deanne Cheuk

20 Mar

The following images show some of the inspirational work created by Deanne Cheuk a New York based illustrator and artist.

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