Beautiful Science

24 Feb

I currently live with 2 students one of which does fine art, we therefore have a lot of similar interests and discuss art related topics regularly. The other student I live with studies biochemistry and pharmacology at university. Usually her ramblings seem very complex and irrelevant to textile design however she has just shown me an inspirational slide show featured on BBC News entitled ‘Beautiful Science’. Here are some of my favourite images:














Above: This image by Kevin Mackenzie is of the scales on  the wing of a Madagascan moon moth.

Above: This image by Spike Walker is of the foreleg of a male diving beetle.














Above: This image shows different species of bacteria which cause dental plaque, taken by Derren Ready.

Above: This is a Honeybee by David McCarthy and Annie Cavanagh.

Above: This image is of a Ruby-tailed wasp taken by Spike Walker.

Here is a link to the slideshow:


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