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Conrad Roset

25 Feb

The following colourful illustrations are by Conrad Roset from Barcelona, Spain. For more information about Conrad Roset please have a look at his website:



RSA Project-Nature Inspired Collage

25 Feb

Here are some of the nature inspired collage pieces I created for the RSA Project (mentioned in a previous post). To create the pieces I used a range of scrap papers such as used tickets, newspapers, magazines, packaging, receipts, wallpaper and wrapping paper. I then used the collages to inspire the knitted samples I created for an adaptable eco-friendly scarf.

Beautiful Science

24 Feb

I currently live with 2 students one of which does fine art, we therefore have a lot of similar interests and discuss art related topics regularly. The other student I live with studies biochemistry and pharmacology at university. Usually her ramblings seem very complex and irrelevant to textile design however she has just shown me an inspirational slide show featured on BBC News entitled ‘Beautiful Science’. Here are some of my favourite images:














Above: This image by Kevin Mackenzie is of the scales on  the wing of a Madagascan moon moth.

Above: This image by Spike Walker is of the foreleg of a male diving beetle.














Above: This image shows different species of bacteria which cause dental plaque, taken by Derren Ready.

Above: This is a Honeybee by David McCarthy and Annie Cavanagh.

Above: This image is of a Ruby-tailed wasp taken by Spike Walker.

Here is a link to the slideshow:

Kat Macleod

24 Feb

Some of my favourite pieces by Kat Macleod:

Dalton Ghetti

24 Feb

I have just come across these amazing pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti. He created the sculptures using a needle to carve the lead of used pencils!


Inspirational Lighting and Furniture

20 Feb

The first item that caught my attention is this unusual Clothes Hanger Lamp by Hector Serrano featured on an interesting website with many new and exciting approaches to lighting, furniture and wearables for example.

Below are some images of the beautiful mismatched drawers by Entwurf Direkt. For more images have a look at the website:














Another company creating mismatched drawers and contemporary furniture:









Some more great ideas:













Claire Anne OBrien:

These knitted stools are quirky and contemporary.








I also really like this knitted wool chair:

Cineworld and Coca-Cola Advertisements

19 Feb

I went to the cinema tonight to see The King’s Speech, which I thoroughly enjoyed however I personally preferred Black Swan and would definitely recommend it.

Whilst at the cinema this advert for Cineworld caught my attention: 

I love the use of colour and general style of this advert.

I also really like the new Coca-Cola Open Happiness advert: 

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