RSA Project-Samantha Dylan Mitchell, Yarn Drawing & Photography

10 Jan

For the RSA project I have been inspired to look at the structure and pattern of recycled materials. I first began drawing and photographing well worn, torn and frayed jeans that I have salvaged the zips and pockets from (I will upload some photographs of my sketchbook drawings at a later date). I then moved on to looking at recycled balls of yarn. I came across the work of Samantha Dylan Mitchell who has created some very detailed drawings of yarn. Here is a link to her website and below are some images of her work:

















The above pieces by Sarah Dylan Mitchell must of taken a lot of time and patience to complete and I do like the outcome, however I decided to take a different approach and create a piece using the yarn as a painting tool. I wound a short length of yarn around a paintbrush and secured it with a knot at one end as shown below.

I then dipped the end of the paintbrush with the yarn attached in to a pot of water and then in to some gouache paint. I swirled the yarn across the page with my inspiration coming the ball of yarn in front of me. I continued this process, reloading the yarn with paint as I moved. I also tried dipping the yarn in some black ink, the outcome of which I was quite happy with. After much experimentation I decided I better stop before my page became too over worked. Next I had a quick cup of tea and waited for the paint to dry. I then worked on top of the piece with a blue fine liner and a pencil adding and highlighting small details.

I will add some more images in the next few days but here is a sneak peak of a close up section of the piece I created:









Before washing my palette I noticed small bubbles had formed in the water and so I took a few Macro shots as i had my camera to hand, some of them turned out not too bad:

















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