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The Sketchbook Project-Update

10 Jan

Below are some more of the pages I have been creating for The Sketchbook Project:

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I think the pages are quite varied in their content. I haven’t decided if this is a good or a bad thing but I am definitely a lot happier with some pages than I am with others. I am quite enjoying the project, as it is nice to have time to create with no guidelines or specifications however, in a way this does make the project a little more difficult as every decision is up to me. I am also struggling to work with the lightweight paper as it crumples and disintegrates quite easily when painted, I should have rebound the book but this did not occur to me when starting.

I am almost half way through the book now. I am determined to get the sketchbook finished in time for the deadline, therefore it will be an early start again tomorrow!



RSA Project-Samantha Dylan Mitchell, Yarn Drawing & Photography

10 Jan

For the RSA project I have been inspired to look at the structure and pattern of recycled materials. I first began drawing and photographing well worn, torn and frayed jeans that I have salvaged the zips and pockets from (I will upload some photographs of my sketchbook drawings at a later date). I then moved on to looking at recycled balls of yarn. I came across the work of Samantha Dylan Mitchell who has created some very detailed drawings of yarn. Here is a link to her website and below are some images of her work:

















The above pieces by Sarah Dylan Mitchell must of taken a lot of time and patience to complete and I do like the outcome, however I decided to take a different approach and create a piece using the yarn as a painting tool. I wound a short length of yarn around a paintbrush and secured it with a knot at one end as shown below.

I then dipped the end of the paintbrush with the yarn attached in to a pot of water and then in to some gouache paint. I swirled the yarn across the page with my inspiration coming the ball of yarn in front of me. I continued this process, reloading the yarn with paint as I moved. I also tried dipping the yarn in some black ink, the outcome of which I was quite happy with. After much experimentation I decided I better stop before my page became too over worked. Next I had a quick cup of tea and waited for the paint to dry. I then worked on top of the piece with a blue fine liner and a pencil adding and highlighting small details.

I will add some more images in the next few days but here is a sneak peak of a close up section of the piece I created:









Before washing my palette I noticed small bubbles had formed in the water and so I took a few Macro shots as i had my camera to hand, some of them turned out not too bad:
















5 Fabulous Finds

7 Jan

Below is some information about 5 artists/designers that I think are interesting and definitely worth a look at. I have also included some images of their work and links to their websites.

Lisa Kellner

I first came across the work of Lisa Kellner when I was carrying out some self-motivated research in to heat set fabrics and unusual sculptures. Lisa Kellner lists decay, erosion and disease as inspiration for her work, which in my opinion is rather unusual, but also very interesting.















Sandra Backlund

I think the knitted creations of Sandra Backlund are original, contemporary and unique despite her use of traditional techniques. Much of her sculptural knit distorts the natural silhouette of the human body.











Claire Coles

Claire Coles designs a whole range of beautiful products from bespoke embroidered wallpapers to gift cards, mugs and pictures. Flora and fauna seem to greatly inspire her creations.





















Nora Fok

Nora Fok creates fascinating jewellery using nylon-fishing line. The structures she creates are delicate and very intricate. I particularly like her head and neckpieces that can be viewed on her website:












Jonas Samson

The creation by Jonas Samson that captured my attention is light emitting wallpaper, which I only discovered recently when researching responsive and smart materials for my dissertation proposal. Not only could the wallpaper be a fun alternative to a lamp but it could also be seen as an eye catching contemporary piece of art. It could also save a lot of energy if solar powered technology could be incorporated!

RSA Project & Charity Shop Materials

7 Jan

Recently I have been trying to juggle numerous tasks, some of which are family and work orientated, others relate to university work. I have managed to do a few drawings and a little research for the RSA brief entitled ‘Make Something Disappear’. I plan to use recycled materials where possible when producing samples for this project and will therefore have this in mind throughout the design process. After scouring the charity shops this week I came across some outdated maps, which I intend to use as a base for some collage and stitch, mixed media pieces. As well as this I bought a couple of jars of old buttons and some books, which will no doubt come in useful!

I also attempted to unravel an old hand knitted jumper this week, however the outcome was not entirely successful with much of the jumper made from small lengths of yarn knotted together. I hope I will still be able to produce some useful samples for this project with the recycled yarn. Below are some images I took whilst unravelling the jumper:


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