The Golf Project

23 Dec

This is the title of the first project brief I was given in 3rd year back in September. We were asked to create design concepts for a leading firm of architects who are looking for banners/panels for the new Carnoustie Championship Golf Course clubhouse due for completion in June 2011. The site-specific textile solutions should relate to the surroundings of the clubhouse in some way for example the Scottish coastline, flora, fauna or architecture could be used as a source of inspiration.

My inspiration for this project was primarily Scottish seascapes and boats, however equipment scattered around Arbroath and Tayport harbour such as lobster cages also caught my attention and so influenced my design and development. I gathered photographs and source drawings in Arbroath, Tentsmuir and Tayport, which I developed in my sketchbook using a range of materials. I then developed knit samples based on the information collected within my sketchbook.

Whilst carrying out the research and development I kept in mind the outcome of this project. A challenge I had to overcome was how to design a knitted panel such as a wall hanging that could be created on a large scale and would look in keeping with a modern building. I think I have managed to produce something slightly unusual in the way it is constructed as the overall piece would be created using hundreds of knitted tubes. In one of my designs I incorporate some bright flashes of colour inspired by the vibrant boats in the harbour, however it was quite a wintry day when I collected most of the photographs and source drawings therefore subdued colours are also evident in my work. Throughout this project I investigated a range of yarns and experimented with incorporating subtle detail in each unique knitted strip. Incorporating subtle detail is important because I would like the wall hanging to be aesthetically pleasing not only when viewed from a distance but also when it is viewed close up.

I have recently discovered that my work has been selected to be viewed by the architects in January, so perhaps I should not post the final designs and fabric samples on here quite yet but here is a sneak peak of what inspired me:

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