RSA Project-Make Something Disappear

23 Dec

‘Make Something Disappear’ is the title of the third project I am working  on this semester but it is in fact one of the RSA competition briefs, which I chose to tackle. This brief is very challenging and requires a lot of thinking and careful consideration of how textile design can be applied to a brief which looks at current global issues such as the lack of natural resources and the need for sustainable design. This is an area that I am passionate about and have chosen to investigate further for my dissertation. I am particularly interested in researching the role technology could play in reducing the environmental impact of the textile design industry.

However for this project I intend to create/design a desirable and unique garment or soft furnishing from recycled yarn. I would like to work with recycled yarn and other recycled materials such as buttons and zips where necessary as this eliminates waste, decreases the consumption of natural resources and the amount of energy required to dispose of unwanted textile items.

If I dye the recycled yarn I will use environmentally friendly, natural dyes, as this is something I experimented with over the summer and is in keeping with the suggested sustainable guidelines of the brief. (If it is not possible to use natural dyes in the time provided I will specify that natural dyes would be used in the information provided alongside my final design).

I am also interested in looking at textile items, which are multifunctional or can be adapted, as items that can create multiple looks can eliminate the need for 4 or 5 other items for example. As well as this I intend to research textile items that are designed so that the can be transformed in to something else after their intended primary use.

I will include some photographs of my drawings at a later date and some information about my inspiration but I probably shouldn’t give everything away as this work is for a competition after all!


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