Georgina von Ertzdorf

23 Dec

Georgina von Etzdorf is the name of a textile design company founded by Georgina von Etzdorf, Jonathan Docherty and Martin Simcok. Georgina gave a fantastic, inspirational lecture at university a couple of weeks ago. One of the things Georgina emphasised is that she found her design work fun and interesting and if we didn’t enjoy what we did we should find some way to enjoy it. For example she hid small things within the designs she created such as little animals that would take the customer a very long time to see. Small details and finishing’s are also important to Georgina. Another thing she liked to do was to create quirky names and invites for her collections, for her collection entitled “between a rock and a hard place” Georgina von Ertsdorf sent out the invitations with a stick of rock.

Whilst speaking to Georgina on an individual basis she discussed how her work was often inspired by the 5 senses and this is what the project brief she gave us was centred around. The brief is very open; it simply has to relate to one or more of the 5 senses and travel. The outcome of the project can be whatever we want it to be, a sketchbook or final design for example. The possibilities are endless with no right or wrong end product.

The outcome of this project was inspired by a walk (journey) I went on with family close to Port Carlisle, Cumbria. I took numerous photographs and did a few small sketches to document the journey. My main focus for this project was on the sense touch and my inspiration was natural texture. I looked at the surface of lichen, moss, fungi, cobwebs and seed heads.

My sketchbook is very tactile and incorporates a range of materials. As well as gathering drawings and samples in a sketchbook I produced a series of larger pieces, which demonstrates the ‘journey’ from a photograph, through initial drawings, paintings and collages to a heat set polyester sample.

The fabric sample produced during this project could be incorporated in to the lining/cover of a memory box, which could hold postcards, souvenirs etc gathered whilst travelling. It could also be used to create a tactile cushion, which would not look out of place in the home but would provoke memories of a past journey.

I will update this post with some pictures of the larger pieces I produced when I am back in the studio, but for now here are some photographs of my sketchbook:

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