The Sketchbook Project-Page 1

22 Dec

I have had my black A5 moleskin sketchbook for ages but I have been so busy, I have only just got round to completing the first page, well I might add a little something to it yet but this is what I have so far:











The sketchbook theme as I mentioned in a previous post is ‘if you lived here’ so I decided to begin with a typically British red phone box as the sketchbook is an international project based in Brooklyn with over 28,000 artists from 94 countries. I was first inspired by the red phone box when I was at school and working on a project entitled ‘Windows and Doors’ below are some photographs of the work I still have from that project. The first piece was created using oil pastels. The second piece is made from layers of card cut in to specific shapes using a craft knife, I have also included two macro photographs showing more detail and the original photograph of the bank window which I worked from.





















I intend to fill the rest of this sketchbook (by the deadline on January 15th) with stitch, drawing, painting and more collage. I am thinking about creating pages inspired by sheep, teacups and teapots, cows, tractors, sunsets, lakes, red-letter boxes and beautiful scenery-all things that remind me of home.


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