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The Sketchbook Project-Pages 2-8

29 Dec

When I can find time I am attempting to complete the Sketchbook Project in time for the deadline on January 15th. Here is a quick up date on where I am at the moment. After completing page 1 I decided to continue using collage, as this is something I enjoy and in fact don’t do a lot of. I am still working on some of the following pages but at least progress is being made, here are some annotated images:

Pattern and flowers, two themes often apparent in my work inspire Page 2 as shown below.





Page 3 is still a ‘work in progress’ page. So far I have used a range of papers including, newspaper and paper bags to create a background, I then worked on top using gouache and a dry brush to create a weathered/worn look. Not quite sure what else will go on this page yet…



Page 4 is simply a paper background which I intend to work on, I think the background looks quite similar to leather but it is in fact just an old gift bag torn down to size and glued in place.













The next page has a sort of summery feel, perhaps not exactly what I was going for but I like it all the same.  I created the background for this piece using gouache, inks and linseed oil. I then added detail using cut papers and a fine liner.



Page 5 was partially inspired by the previous page, but also has a vintage look about it. I particularly like the teacup and deep pink flower set on a piece of gold foil, saved from a box of chocolates.



This page is a little dull in my opinion. I was thinking about gold and unusual Christmas baubles. Perhaps it needs a little more work.













The last page I have been working on is inspired by the white Christmas I had this year. This page was created using collage with the exception of the tree (centre right) which is drawn using a black fine liner.


RSA Project-Make Something Disappear

23 Dec

‘Make Something Disappear’ is the title of the third project I am working  on this semester but it is in fact one of the RSA competition briefs, which I chose to tackle. This brief is very challenging and requires a lot of thinking and careful consideration of how textile design can be applied to a brief which looks at current global issues such as the lack of natural resources and the need for sustainable design. This is an area that I am passionate about and have chosen to investigate further for my dissertation. I am particularly interested in researching the role technology could play in reducing the environmental impact of the textile design industry.

However for this project I intend to create/design a desirable and unique garment or soft furnishing from recycled yarn. I would like to work with recycled yarn and other recycled materials such as buttons and zips where necessary as this eliminates waste, decreases the consumption of natural resources and the amount of energy required to dispose of unwanted textile items.

If I dye the recycled yarn I will use environmentally friendly, natural dyes, as this is something I experimented with over the summer and is in keeping with the suggested sustainable guidelines of the brief. (If it is not possible to use natural dyes in the time provided I will specify that natural dyes would be used in the information provided alongside my final design).

I am also interested in looking at textile items, which are multifunctional or can be adapted, as items that can create multiple looks can eliminate the need for 4 or 5 other items for example. As well as this I intend to research textile items that are designed so that the can be transformed in to something else after their intended primary use.

I will include some photographs of my drawings at a later date and some information about my inspiration but I probably shouldn’t give everything away as this work is for a competition after all!

Georgina von Ertzdorf

23 Dec

Georgina von Etzdorf is the name of a textile design company founded by Georgina von Etzdorf, Jonathan Docherty and Martin Simcok. Georgina gave a fantastic, inspirational lecture at university a couple of weeks ago. One of the things Georgina emphasised is that she found her design work fun and interesting and if we didn’t enjoy what we did we should find some way to enjoy it. For example she hid small things within the designs she created such as little animals that would take the customer a very long time to see. Small details and finishing’s are also important to Georgina. Another thing she liked to do was to create quirky names and invites for her collections, for her collection entitled “between a rock and a hard place” Georgina von Ertsdorf sent out the invitations with a stick of rock.

Whilst speaking to Georgina on an individual basis she discussed how her work was often inspired by the 5 senses and this is what the project brief she gave us was centred around. The brief is very open; it simply has to relate to one or more of the 5 senses and travel. The outcome of the project can be whatever we want it to be, a sketchbook or final design for example. The possibilities are endless with no right or wrong end product.

The outcome of this project was inspired by a walk (journey) I went on with family close to Port Carlisle, Cumbria. I took numerous photographs and did a few small sketches to document the journey. My main focus for this project was on the sense touch and my inspiration was natural texture. I looked at the surface of lichen, moss, fungi, cobwebs and seed heads.

My sketchbook is very tactile and incorporates a range of materials. As well as gathering drawings and samples in a sketchbook I produced a series of larger pieces, which demonstrates the ‘journey’ from a photograph, through initial drawings, paintings and collages to a heat set polyester sample.

The fabric sample produced during this project could be incorporated in to the lining/cover of a memory box, which could hold postcards, souvenirs etc gathered whilst travelling. It could also be used to create a tactile cushion, which would not look out of place in the home but would provoke memories of a past journey.

I will update this post with some pictures of the larger pieces I produced when I am back in the studio, but for now here are some photographs of my sketchbook:

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The Golf Project

23 Dec

This is the title of the first project brief I was given in 3rd year back in September. We were asked to create design concepts for a leading firm of architects who are looking for banners/panels for the new Carnoustie Championship Golf Course clubhouse due for completion in June 2011. The site-specific textile solutions should relate to the surroundings of the clubhouse in some way for example the Scottish coastline, flora, fauna or architecture could be used as a source of inspiration.

My inspiration for this project was primarily Scottish seascapes and boats, however equipment scattered around Arbroath and Tayport harbour such as lobster cages also caught my attention and so influenced my design and development. I gathered photographs and source drawings in Arbroath, Tentsmuir and Tayport, which I developed in my sketchbook using a range of materials. I then developed knit samples based on the information collected within my sketchbook.

Whilst carrying out the research and development I kept in mind the outcome of this project. A challenge I had to overcome was how to design a knitted panel such as a wall hanging that could be created on a large scale and would look in keeping with a modern building. I think I have managed to produce something slightly unusual in the way it is constructed as the overall piece would be created using hundreds of knitted tubes. In one of my designs I incorporate some bright flashes of colour inspired by the vibrant boats in the harbour, however it was quite a wintry day when I collected most of the photographs and source drawings therefore subdued colours are also evident in my work. Throughout this project I investigated a range of yarns and experimented with incorporating subtle detail in each unique knitted strip. Incorporating subtle detail is important because I would like the wall hanging to be aesthetically pleasing not only when viewed from a distance but also when it is viewed close up.

I have recently discovered that my work has been selected to be viewed by the architects in January, so perhaps I should not post the final designs and fabric samples on here quite yet but here is a sneak peak of what inspired me:

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The Sketchbook Project-Page 1

22 Dec

I have had my black A5 moleskin sketchbook for ages but I have been so busy, I have only just got round to completing the first page, well I might add a little something to it yet but this is what I have so far:











The sketchbook theme as I mentioned in a previous post is ‘if you lived here’ so I decided to begin with a typically British red phone box as the sketchbook is an international project based in Brooklyn with over 28,000 artists from 94 countries. I was first inspired by the red phone box when I was at school and working on a project entitled ‘Windows and Doors’ below are some photographs of the work I still have from that project. The first piece was created using oil pastels. The second piece is made from layers of card cut in to specific shapes using a craft knife, I have also included two macro photographs showing more detail and the original photograph of the bank window which I worked from.





















I intend to fill the rest of this sketchbook (by the deadline on January 15th) with stitch, drawing, painting and more collage. I am thinking about creating pages inspired by sheep, teacups and teapots, cows, tractors, sunsets, lakes, red-letter boxes and beautiful scenery-all things that remind me of home.

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