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Betsy Vanlangan

18 Nov

Recently Holiday Matinee tweeted about Betsy Vanlangen’s mixed media photography which i have just had a look at. I wish I knew how to create some of the quirky pieces by Betsy Vanlangen shown below, however despite my love for taking photographs I don’t have a particularly good camera or very much technical knowledge. For more photographs by Betsy Vanlangen please follow this link:


Geraldine Georges

18 Nov












Belgian artist, Geraldine Georges, created these fantastic pieces. I love the style of her work as well as her use of colour and photography. For more of her work please follow this link:

My ever so slightly bizarre housemate! – Scratch and Sniff TV

18 Nov

The other day whilst watching MasterChef with my housemate Sarah, we were both discussing how amazing the food looked and how much we wanted to try it. Then Sarah suddenly exclaimed “oh my god scratch and sniff tv!” she then went on to explain how fantastic scratch and sniff tv would be and how we should be able to smell the food being created in the MasterChef kitchen! Although this idea sounds crazy now it could be the future who knows!?


Green Carpet

17 Nov

At the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair this biodegradable moss carpet was unveiled. I think the carpet is unusual, quirky and definitely an eye catching piece. It’s a very unique way for flora to be incorporated in to contemporary building design.  I also found it interesting to read about “Terramac” a knitted eco-friendly material that was incorporated in to the design to hold the moss together. The material is broken down after about 10 years by micro organisms. For further information please follow this link:

Earthkeepers footwear collection by Timberland

3 Nov

Left:  Timberland Earthkeepers Boots

Further to my last post i have been thinking about the choices designers make and how they can ensure their product is sustainable, environmentally friendly and produced following Fair Trade guidelines for example.

Whilst flicking through an old copy of Glamour magazine (July 2010) to source some images for collage and mixed media pieces I came across an article about the Earthkeepers collection by Timberland. Timberland is a well-known brand but I did not realise that the environmental implications of creating a Timberland footwear collection has been considered.

About the Earthkeepers collection:

  • The leather for the shoes is obtained from responsibly managed tanneries, this is based on energy use, waste production and water treatment. (This perhaps does not take in to consideration suitable working conditions and a reasonable level of pay?)
  • The detail on the shoes is added with organic cotton and raffia.
  • Recycled plastic bottles are used to create the linings of the shoes.
  • The ‘Greenside Sandals’ can be recycled to make new sandals.
  • ‘Belicia Ring Ankle Sandals’ are made from 42% recycled tyres.

To have a look at the collection please follow this link:,default,sc.html

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