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Knitting with Recycled Fur

26 Oct

Recently I have been thinking about my dissertation and what I would perhaps like to write about. My initial ideas are based around what a designer needs to consider, such as fair trade, the environmental impacts of their work and the quality and source of the materials they use. Whilst carrying out some research I came across this article based on knitting with recycled fur!

The image featured is of a coat knitted with recycled fur by Anastasia and Nina.


My Textile Design Work (2009/10)

19 Oct

Project Title: Ugly Beautiful

This was a self motivated project. I chose to combine two things I love to draw inspiration from, architecture and nature. The designs and bold prints are created using bright colours. I drew tower blocks and tumble down buildings in Dundee and I also visited the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and Dundee. To have a look at some of the beautiful flowers which inspired this project have a look at my Flickr album entitled ‘Flowers and Leaves’

Here is a slideshow of my sketchbook:

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My Textile Design Work (2009/10)

19 Oct

Project Title: Culture

This was the first project i did as a 2nd year textile design student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. The brief was based on culture. My project was based on culture is what you know, what you don’t know and what you want to be. Therefore my sketchbook is split in to three sections:

My dad knows how to grow a tomato

My dad doesn’t know what it is like to be on the moon

My dad wants to be rich

First of all i looked at fruit and vegetables. Then i went on to look solely at texture and surface in black and white. And finally the last section was inspired by pearls, ornate, decorative pattern and jewels. Here is a slideshow of my work:

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My Textile Design Work (2009/10)

19 Oct

Project Title: Stripes from the Sea

This project was based on a fashion forecasting brief and inspired by the Scottish coastline close to Dundee. Tentsmuir, Tayport, Broughty Ferry and Arbroath for example. I also vsited St Andrews aquarium and the Sea Life Centre at North Queensferry for inspiration. The colours i used were relatively muted to represent the sand, sea at sky at the coast. The hints of bright yellow, red and blue were inspired by the boats at Tayport and the vibrant fish at the aquarium.

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My Textile Design Work (2009/10)

19 Oct

Last night a friend of mine, Claire came to visit. We used to be in the same art class whilst at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith. I went on to study art at university but she decided to study environmental science.

I began by completing the general course at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee before deciding I wanted to do textile design as opposed to fine art which was my initial thought when going to art school. Claire was interested in what I have been up to at university so I showed her my sketchbooks from last year. Afterwards I decided that it would be a good idea to put some images on my blog so that I can show how I have progressed and developed. Unfortunately my general course work and many of my samples are in storage, however here are some slideshows of my 2nd year textile design sketchbooks (2009/2010).

Please note that some of the images visible in my sketchbooks are photocopies and print outs of other artists and designers work, which I used as inspiration.

An Autumn Walk

16 Oct

This morning I braved the autumn chill and went for a lovely walk in the countryside. I took some 200+ photographs although as expected the vast majority didn’t come out quite as well as I hoped they would! I have uploaded some of my photographs to Flickr, which can be viewed here: Recently I have been particularly interested in natural structures and textures and particularly enjoyed photographing teasel, fungi and cobwebs earlier today. Below are a couple of the photographs I took:

Rob Ryan

10 Oct

Whilst generally browsing online I have just come across the amazing paper cut creations of Rob Ryan. This paper cut dress commissioned by Vogue is so intricate and beautiful! I would love to own a dress which looked this fabulous.


For more of his work here is a link to his website:

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