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Kristine Bjaadal

27 Sep

Whilst on the train recently my boyfriend was reading the online Virgin Trains magazine and told me about this tablecloth which i decided to look up.  The designer behind the tablecloth known as the ‘underfull tablecloth’ is Kristine Bjaadal. The above video shows  that when liquid is spilt on to the tablecloth a design appears. For more information here is an article about the tablecloth: or why not check out Kristine Bjaadal ‘s blog?(


Amelie Hegardt

19 Sep

I love the work of Amelie Hegardt a fashion illustrator I have recently discovered. I like her bold, vibrant use of colour, combined with suggestive line, drawn line and simple composition. I have found using inks or paint on wet paper difficult to control and use effectively but have definitely been inspired to experiment further as a result of the following images by Hegardt.

For further information and more images please have a look at her website:

What have I been up to?

19 Sep

During the summer break I spent much of my time working in a food hall on the deli counter, when I wasn’t at work I spent time with my boyfriend, friends and family. I went to T in the Park, a pretty well known music festival in Scotland which I also went to in 2009. It was a fantastic weekend. This year I think my favourite performance was Newton Faulkner or perhaps Black Eyed Peas or Eminem or Stereophonics… it’s a difficult choice with so many fantastic unique acts!

I was also lucky enough to take two trips to Turkey. Whilst I was there I worked on my summer project, which is based on the theme ‘colour and pattern’. I was inspired by the colour and pattern found in nature both in Turkey and at home. I worked from the front of my sketchbook whilst in Turkey and the back whilst in the United Kingdom. Below is a slideshow of  some of the pages in my sketchbook. For more images please go to

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Whilst working I my sketchbook I was inspired by numerous artists and designers such as Marimekko, Craig Lawrence, Georgia O’Keeffe, Vivienne Westwood and Amelia Hegardt which I intend to blog about at a later date so as to create a record of  my inspirations.

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